Do you know Lilian Richter?

I´m looking for Lilian or Lillian Richter. Her mother was born in the second half of the 19. century in Hille, Germany. Her mother´s father was Carl Heinrich Rüter from Hille, Germany. He was born in 1824. Her mother´s mother was perhaps Marie Louise Horstmann from Südhemmern, Germany. She was born in 1835. Lilians grandparents had six daughters. Two died young. Three married in Germany.

One daughter of Carl Heinrich Rüter and Marie Louise Horstmann emigrated to the USA.

This daughter must have been Marie Louise Rüter.

Marie Louise was born in 1864.

After world war II an american soldier visited Hille and his relatives.

Lilian once visited her relatives in Hille about 30 years ago. She had other relatives in the area of Frankfurt.

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