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This is the home of the Klemmes of Porta Westfalica-Barkhausen, a little town in Nordrhein-Westfalen in the nothern part of Germany, just between Bielefeld and Hannover. This area is also called Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The sides are still in german, but I´m working on it...

On Familie Klemme you´ll find some informations about the name and the first known Klemme, who lived in Talle and later came to Barkhausen.

On Namen und Orte you´ll find the names of my ancestors and the places, where they lived.

On Ahnen you can go to informations about how the ancestors are counted (Generationen) and you can go to the list (Ahnentafel) of my ancestors or to a list of names, of which I´m looking for further informations (tote Punkte)...

On Hille you find a list of people, who are searching in Hille. You also can go to informations (Heimat Hille) about the village Hille, where I`m born, or you can go to a list (Hiller Höfe) of the old Hiller farms and to informations about the Hiller family Engelage (Familie Engelage), which came from Levern. Another side tells you about the Düfel-family from Hille (Nr. 108 & 210).

On Links you´ll find some links to other homepages...

There are also some tales (Geschichten) about my ancestors:

On Die schweizer Connection you´ll find informations about the family Krieger or Krüger, who came from Switzerland.

On Der Schäfer Bollacker you´ll find an old tale about a Hiller shepheard.

On Kommissar Horn you´ll soon find the story of a man, who was a policeman in the time of Napoleon.

On Herr und Frau Groneweg you´ll soon find the tale of a man, who came back from war which gold and silver and married the widow of his friend.

On Ein armer Schneider you´ll find the sory of a poor tailor, who was father of twins.

On Zufälle und Anekdoten you´ll find some shorter stories of my family.

You are welcome to visit my guestbook (my guestbook) or the Klemme-Forum (the Klemme-Forum), where you can tell or ask for some informations about your Klemme-ancestors.